Queqiao S-Band Beacon received over 450000 km

August 23rd, 2018

Designed as a relay for the planned chinese Chang’e 4 misson to explore the far side of the Moon with a lander and a rover, the Queqiao probe has reached it´s final destination 60000 km behind the Moon. There it is in a halo orbit around  the Langrangian L2 point of the Earth-Moon-system. So it won´t be covered by the Moon, seen from Earth.

The signal of the S-band beacon is audible at about 2275.225 MHz. The used equipment is HDSDR software with an RTL-SDR-Stick with a 13 cm ATV Converter (LO=916 MHz), 13 cm LNA (Kuhne) at a 23/13cm and a dualband ringfeed in a 3 m dish.

Queqiao also carries a radio astronomy experiment for low frequency exploration in collaboration with dutch ASTRON. During the fly-by at the Moon two microsatellites Longjiang-1 (DSLWP-A) and Longjiang-2 (DSLWP-B) were released, to enter orbits around the moon. These satellites carry a radio astronomy experiment as well as amateur radio payloads. While Longjiang-1 went lost, Longjiang-2 is operating and can be monitored in the 70 cm band.