OE5XHE: Hrd Beacon #72 on 23 cm

After decoding some HA stations in FT8 on 2m and my beacon check found strong signals from DB0AAT and OK0EB on 23 cm as well as from DB0SHF, DB0NCO andOK0EA on 13 cm, I had a closer look at that area. At least I found OE5XHE on 1296.975 in JN78DN24GJ, 1120 m asl. It ist transmitting in A1 with 2 x 3 W into two planar antennas (WIMO) with 9 dBD each. The antennas beam to 105° and 205°. The beacon keeper is Hans, OE5ANL. More information on QRZ.com

OE5XHE to the right on 1296.975 MHz, very weak on 1296.970 MHz a trace of OB0EB and on 1296.965 MHz DB0ANN.