Contest results on 23 cm: 1990 vs 2012

October 11th, 2012

My operating conditions have changed quite a lot compared to October 1990. But my QTH is still the same in the south of Mainz, JN49CV. The most serious circumstance is, that we have internet and software defined radios nowadays. The possibility to arrange skeds and to gather information is revolutionary. It´s easy to find stations in the waterfall diagram, that are not on your frequency. No more CQs for hours and hours. Instead the chat must be watched and skeds will be arranged.

QSOs in October contest 1990

Rig: 1.2 m dish / 10 m RG213 / 120 W

Claimed result: 78 QSOs, 12000 km, ODX 404 km


QSOs in October contest 2012

Rig: 3 m dish / 3.5 m ecoflex 15 / 0.4 dB preamp / 10 m ecoflex 15 / 200 W

Claimed result: 53 QSOs, 18000 km, ODX 725 km