Ravensberg GHz Meeting

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A meeting of GHz enthusiasts will be held on October 15th, 2016 on the Ravensberg, a mountain near Bad Sachsa, Germany, JO51GO.

DSC_3443 Ravensberg am MorgenRavensberg in morning twilight

There is a nice restaurant on the summit in 660 m asl., accessible by car, where we will meet at 11:00 MESZ (9:00 UTC), to play around with our equipment, experiment and to chat about our great hobby. We can have lunch and coffee breaks in the restaurant, where a separate room will be reserved for us. There is no schedule yet, but presentations and talks are welcome.

The next day (16th) is a third Sunday in month, with activity contests in Saxony and Czechia:

DUR GHz Activity Contest

OK VHF/UHF/SHF Activity Contest

The participants of the meeting are invited to stay over night, to take part in these contests either from the Ravensberg (660 m asl.) or near by Wurmberg (971 m asl., access by cable car) or majestic Mount Brocken (1142 m asl., access by historic narrow gauge railway)

Bad Sachsa is a tiny little holiday resort for many kinds of outdoor activities. There are also indoor facilities like an artificial ice rink, a swimming pool and a playground for little children on days with bad weather. Hotels in all categories offer rooms to stay over night or even longer.

Bad Sachsa and the Harz Mountains are worth to visit.

Interested? Just send me a short email: dj5ar (at) darc.de