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Back from Italy!

October 27th, 2013

Last night we returned from Italy, where we spent some days after the Alpe Adria Meeting. It was nice to receive the award for the 2nd place in the Alpe Adria Contest 2013 on 23 cm, to meet the Hams there and to have interesting talks with them.

DSC_9866 Alpe Adria 2013

Dino, IV3FDO was very hospitable and took some time to show us certain interesting places. So we learned, that the most delicious prosciutto of the world is produced in San Daniele and not in Parma.

Back on Earth…..

June 17th, 2013

….. I worked in the Alpe Adria Contest last Sunday on 23 cm. In parallel there was an activity contest in Czechia. So a lot of stations from east, southeast and south filled the log.

Alpe Adria Contest 2013 on 23 cm

Remarkable was a nice SSB-QSO with Mirek, OK2UYZ in JN99FS over more than 700 km via tropo. Lane, S54AA in JN76EG could be worked, who was beaming into a large valley towards the Alps with mountains of 2.500 m. Another aircraft scatter QSO I had with Walter, IW3SPI in JN66OD, who is very, very close to the Alps.

Pathinfo by AirScout

Path information by AirScout

The reflections were rare and short but enough to complete.

Review: Activity week Rhineland-Palatine 2013

January 14th, 2013

It was big fun working in contest for a whole week. I felt a bit like Phil Connors in the movie “Groundhog Day” (german: “Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier”), in meeting most of the stations again day by day. My main activity was in the evenings on 23 and 13 cm, using 2 m, 70 cm and the ON4KST chat to arrange skeds. The conditions were slightly over normal but increasing on monday with a small opening to France. During the seven days I could work one new square on 2 m (JN15), two on 23 cm (JN09, JN15) and three on 13 cm (JN09, JO42, JO44). There were only two 4-band QSOs with DL7QY and DC1UR.

My top 5 of the most worked stations in this contest are:
DF8PR    16 QSOs on 3 bands (2 m, 70 cm, 23 cm)
DC8WPA   15 QSOs on 3 bands (2 m, 70 cm, 23 cm)
DK7UP    13 QSOs on 3 bands (2 m, 70 cm, 23 cm)
DL7QY    12 QSOs on 4 bands (2 m, 70 cm, 23 cm, 13 cm)
G3XDY     8 QSOs on 2 bands (23 cm, 13 cm)

Thank you all for your support and your patience!

        total      District K     DL ex K    France     I,OE,G,LX    Squares
Band    QSO Stn    QSO Stn DOK    QSO Stn    QSO Stn    QSO Stn      total new
 144    100  58     72  31  18     25  24      3   3      0   0        11   1
 432     65  31     54  22  15     11   9      0   0      0   0         6   0
1296     73  34     27   9   8     21  11     14  10     11   4        21   2
2320     28  15      2   2   2     14   8      5   3      7   2        12   3

NAC(?) 23 cm – October 2012

October 16th, 2012

The Nordic Activity Contest is always a very good opportunity to work . . . Italians!

Tonight everything was upside down. After loosing John, G3XDY in QSB – a fact that is very, very strange – I wanted to turn the dish via south to north, when Sergio, I1KFH was meeping me. We tried and had our QSO in SSB. What else to say? Giorgio, IK3GHY followed as well as Robert, IZ4BEH and Frank, IK3HHG and Walter, IW2BNA and finally Roberto, IK2OFO.

Mille grazie. Buona notte!

NAC to Italy

NAC to Italy

Contest results on 23 cm: 1990 vs 2012

October 11th, 2012

My operating conditions have changed quite a lot compared to October 1990. But my QTH is still the same in the south of Mainz, JN49CV. The most serious circumstance is, that we have internet and software defined radios nowadays. The possibility to arrange skeds and to gather information is revolutionary. It´s easy to find stations in the waterfall diagram, that are not on your frequency. No more CQs for hours and hours. Instead the chat must be watched and skeds will be arranged.

QSOs in October contest 1990

Rig: 1.2 m dish / 10 m RG213 / 120 W

Claimed result: 78 QSOs, 12000 km, ODX 404 km


QSOs in October contest 2012

Rig: 3 m dish / 3.5 m ecoflex 15 / 0.4 dB preamp / 10 m ecoflex 15 / 200 W

Claimed result: 53 QSOs, 18000 km, ODX 725 km


IARU-Region-1 UHF/Microwaves October Contest

October 8th, 2012

“Bad weather and bad conditions” that is, what most comments say about this contest. The weather here in Mainz was bad too, but I cannot compare the conditions with the contests in the last years, because my last participation in this contest was in 1990. This year it ended up in 50 QSOs on 23 cm and 19 on 13 cm. I am quite satisfied with these results.

QSOs on 23 cm


QSOs on 13 cm

My new ODX on 13 cm is OL9W in JN99CL over 720 km. A lot of new squares could be worked too. Many DX stations were nearly as strong as they were on 23 cm.

NAC 13 cm – September 25th 2012

September 26th, 2012

Because the NAC on the fourth Tuesday each month promises good activity on 13 cm, I installed the new 75 W solid state linear and turned the dish to Scandinavia. Despite the QRM on 13 cm around here (may be from WLANs) and the Taunus mountains about 25 to 30 km north of Mainz, I was very pleased to work DL1SUZ in JO53 (471 km), G3XDY in JO02 (547 km), OZ3ZW in JO54 (583 km), DL0VV in JO64 (538 km) and OZ1FF in JO45 (633 km) on 2320 MHz.

QSOs on 13 cm – QRB > 400 km

Contest July 2012

July 8th, 2012

The past week I was ill and had to stay in bed. So all the improvements I had planned for 13 cm weren’t done. Because I was short in time, only Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon could be used to be QRV on 23 cm. In the ON4KST chat I arranged a couple of skeds. Finally 29 QSOs filled the log. Most of the DX contacts have been made eastwards to OK (10) and OM (3).  Other countries worked are DL, OZ, I, G, PA, OE and S5. At least I logged 5 QSOs with a QRB of more than 700 km. ODX was OM6A in JN99jc over 769 km.

Contest July 2012: 23cm QRB > 500km

QSOs on 23 cm – QRB > 500 km