Satellite Bounce

After performing ISS Bounce, the idea to do the same on ordinary satellites was a new challenge for Jan, PA3FXB and me. With the International Space Station as a huge test object, and the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, PI9CAM, we were able to test strategies to receive at least reflections from smaller artificial objects in space.

After two years of preparation and continuous tests, we were able to complete a QSO via OKEAN-O.

February 13th, 2014: Just another ISS Bounce QSO

January 6th, 2015: A big Dish, a big Bird and a big Signal

February 22nd, 2015: A new Goal: Rocket Bodies and other Space Debris

April 7th, 2015: A day on Rocket Bodies

December 8th, 2015: A new Chapter in the Book of Bounce