ISS Bounce Chronology

As the International Space Station is the largest object in a low orbit around the Earth, it can easily seen with the naked eye at dusk or dawn. There have been several successful attempts to use it as a reflector for radio waves to complete amateur radio QSOs on 2m and 23 cm.

Initials on 1296 MHz ISS Bounce

Summary of related entries in chronological order:

Aircraft Scatter, AirScout and the ISS

ISS Bounce

ISS Bounce II

ISS Bounce III

ISS Bounce IV

ISS Bounce V: The QSO! (including audio files)

ISS Bounce VI: Feedback

ISS Bounce VII: Just another QSO

ISS Bounce VIII: Even in SSB

ISS Bounce IX: Now in ISCAT

ISS Bounce X: A big Dish, a big Bird and a big Signal

Brendan Quest: Could it have been ISS Bounce?

A new Goal: Rocket Bodies and other Space Debris

A Day on Rocket bodies

Welcome Ronny, SM7FWZ, to the ISS Bounce community!

SM7FWZ finally worked via ISS Bounce

ISS Bounce in JTMS

A new Chapter in the Book of Bounce

The full story of the first QSO can be found in CQ DL issue 2013/08, page 583-584 (in German). More publications: Here

CQ DL DIGITAL (available for DARC members only)