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Contest July 2012

July 8th, 2012

The past week I was ill and had to stay in bed. So all the improvements I had planned for 13 cm weren’t done. Because I was short in time, only Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon could be used to be QRV on 23 cm. In the ON4KST chat I arranged a couple of skeds. Finally 29 QSOs filled the log. Most of the DX contacts have been made eastwards to OK (10) and OM (3).  Other countries worked are DL, OZ, I, G, PA, OE and S5. At least I logged 5 QSOs with a QRB of more than 700 km. ODX was OM6A in JN99jc over 769 km.

Contest July 2012: 23cm QRB > 500km

QSOs on 23 cm – QRB > 500 km

Time for DX

June 19th, 2012

The NAC is always an opportunity to work stations from Scandinavia on 23 cm. Yesterday I had QSOs  with Frank, IK3HHG and Giorgio, IK3GHY in JO65 over 570 km. The signals were quite poor compared to QSOs before but were accompanied by strange pings – lighting scatter as Henning, DF9IC explained me tonight. So I wondered how the conditions would be this evening and turned my dish to the north. I started with DL0VV (JO64AD / 538 km). After a while I heard OZ9KY (JO45VX / 683 km) calling CQ and could add a new square to my collection. He was followed by SK7MW (JO65MJ / 691 km) with another new square and new country for me. In the meantime more and more stations from the UK logged in at the KST chat. Now the dish was turned to 298°. John, G3XDY (JO02OB / 547 km) could be detected on .215 and after a meep in the chat he turned his antenna to me. John produced a big signal in ssb peaking here 57 with little QSB. It was the second new country for me tonight and square #50 at all on 23 cm.

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