Aircraft Scatter Podcast

February 7th, 2022 Today I had a talk about Aircraft Scatter with Michael, OE1CMW, who recorded it to produce a podcast for his series “ON AIR – Amateurfunk D-A-CH“. As it´s in german language, I keep this post in german. Heute habe ich mit Michael, OE1CMW, über Aircraft Scatter gesprochen. Michael hat das Gespräch für […]

Asymmetrical Reflections on Aircraft Scatter

June 8th, 2015 A long time monitoring of the beacon F1ZMT in JN07CX via Aircraft Scatter on 1296.872 MHz shows asymmetrical reflections on most of the crossing planes. As the distance to the beacon is 624 km and it´s ERP of just 10 W (a panel antenna to the south combined with an omnidirectional big […]

PI7ALK via Aircraft Scatter

March 17th, 2014 One of my favourite beacons to be watched via aircraft scatter is PI7ALK in JO22IP.  The beacon is running 4 W to a 4 times stacked omnidirectional antenna as described in DJ9HOs “UHF Unterlage V” on page 1001. The design of the antenna is by DC0BV. More details and the history of […]

Aircraft Scatter

QSO Procedure for Airplane Reflections Airplane Reflections is the process of reflecting radio waves off the body of an aircraft in flight. Contacts may be made on any of the UHF or Microwaves bands with distances up to 800 kilometres or so away. (The higher the frequency, the shorter the time you have.) As the […]

Aircraft Scatter, AirScout and the ISS

February 23rd, 2013 Frank, DL2ALF has written an amazing tool for aircraft scatter prediction, called AirScout. Positions of planes are shown in a map like at or, but in addition the path and the part of it, where planes could be seen from both stations will be marked. Frank is using open street map […]